Gordon Tibbits

Guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist




My musical journey has flowed in a more circular direction than what I intended when taking initial steps into a livelihood of teaching and performing music.  I studied music with teacher, David O’ Suna, while also pursuing studies at Shoreline Community College and the University of Washington.  After a few years of playing in local bands and teaching students I decided that I needed to grow further so I moved to Upstate New York where I performed with the Karen Lawrence Band as well as the Terry Gordon Quintet.  My time in New York proved to be a very beneficial catalyst for my musical growth and the start of some very long standing friendships.

In 2003 I returned to the Seattle area and resumed teaching private students as I had in the past.  Upon my return I was able to reconnect with local friends and musicians and still continue to collaborate with them to this day.  In addition to performing in bands I also have worked in several theater productions and also sub on guitar and bassist for local churches.

 Current Bands/Projects:

Bavarian Beer Garden Band – Guitar/Vocals

Commander Mojo and the Horns of Discontent – Sub Guitar

Previous Bands/Projects:

Terry Gordon Quintet – Guitar

Joey Thomas Big Band – Guitar

Karen Lawrence Band – Guitar


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